My name is Joey. I write kash.
As the twilight stretches into the distance, I lay my aching skull under the expanse of stars gazing down upon Lake Elsinore, California.
I'm an interesting guy driven by my curious nature, and inspired by the violent beauty of the universe in which we live. I have a deep-rooted passion for art and music. Despite the sheer size of my collection, I maintain a real knowledge of the origins, elements and impact of every notable genre. I have a knack for the blues, hip-hop, and live EDM. The beautifully worn-out hippies I call parents blessed me with the opportunity to establish my own morals, discover my own spirituality, and ultimately think for myself in a world where there are those who would, at any cost, pull my energy and awareness off the path of Enlightenment long enough to sate their cause. I'm blessed to share a taste in psychedelia and the culture of the '60s, and even the same feelings of nostalgia when I ruminate upon the ripest period in US history. I envy those gorgeous, washed-up hippies. Once upon a time, these kids joined millions of like-minded youth in a rebellion against the very fabric of modern society as it existed. The hippie subculture was founded upon the principles of harmony with nature, artistic experimentation (particularly in music) and self-sufficiency as the result of communal living establishments. Most prominently, however, hipppies advocated the entheogenic use of psychedelic compounds in order to induce a spiritual experience and explore various levels of consciousness. Such psychological astronauts are called "psychonauts". I believe that if some supernatural force does in fact rule the universe, it probably operates in a manner so far beyond our scope of understanding that we waste time attempting to define it. Like the Hindus, Tibetans, and several other far-eastern cultures I have developed through meditation and entheogenican awareness

I enjoy music festivals, walks
in the rain, reading, writing,
film, photography, high fashion, cigarettes, paisley, street art, and
oxford commas.
I just might follow back~

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